Hot-dip Galvanizing

New Steel can provide a quality Galvanising service with a quick turnaround, to both commercial and domestic customers across the Mediterranean Islands and internationally.

The process of Hot-Dip Galvanising has been widely used for well over a hundred years, it cost effectiveness is highly needed when it comes to a hard wearing, maintenance free, surely extending the life of your product, (most estimates suggest an increase of between 40 and 50 years on bare metal). The galvanising process is the way to go if you care.
Hot-Dip Galvanising does not just prevent Steel from corroding due to environmental damage, the process bonds the Zinc onto the base steel and creates a self-sacrificing and self-healing barrier to minor impact and abrasive damage when it comes to wind and salt.

Galvanising is an industrial process. For the best result we hardly recommend to read this following need to know chapters.
- Clean up your material by removing all welding flux and paint or any product you may have found or applied on the items, to do not create any bare spots.
- Drill a hanging hole so the material is ready to be placed in the tank or bath (also known as the Galvanising Kettle).
- In some cases two holes need to be drilled so air can get in and so the Zinc can drain out. This has the added benefit of coating the material inside and out.

For your information, once we have prepared the material it is placed in an acid bath that removes any remaining dirt, oil, rust and mill scale, making the surface of the material chemically clean and ready to be Hot-Dip Galvanised. The material is then dipped in full into a 450 deg. C. bath of liquid Zinc where the reaction starts. Once the Zinc has stopped bubbling the metal is removed and left hanging to cool. The end result is a uniformed Zinc coat.


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